getting the most out of your appointments: how I prep for individual therapy

I’ve always been a person who strives to be prepared. If there’s a way to prepare, I’m doing it, whether it’s a fake interview or practicing for a math test.

Therapy should be customized for every client. Therefore it is in every client’s best interest to make the most out of a session. After all, they’re expensive af!!!!!

For therapy appointments, the objectives of preparation are:

  • to know your objective of the meeting (ex: discussing XYZ)
  • allow yourself to use time wisely (ex: writing bullet points about the story or situation you plan to tell instead of telling it for the first time in the session), and
  • to increase self confidence by being in control of your treatment.

Steps I take before a therapy session

Because I’m not in the habit of giving advice but rather sharing experience, I will walk you through what I prepare before a session:

  1. Revisit last session’s notes. What was I struggling with at that time? What did we talk about in the session?
  2. Summarize notable events, moods, thought patterns since the last session. Includes life events, medication changes or episodes.
  3. Write down any ponderings about my treatment or topics of current interest. These could be in the form of topics or questions. For example, “why do I feel insecure in my attachment to this person?” or “could I be a candidate for seasonal affective disorder?” or “perfectionism in relationships.”

When I tell you that’s it, I mean it! These three steps allow me to meet my objectives of preparation every time. If you have tips for therapy preparation, I’d love to hear them. Leave me a comment, and we’ll chat next time!

P.S. in case we haven’t met…

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