something’s gotta give: five first dates

I don’t know if I’m an optimist or a pessimist. I know I'm not a hopeless nor hopeful romantic. You could consider me an evidence-based realist with a mild affinity toward romance. Regardless, I’d really like to write to you and say we're not doomed. In fact, I first wrote this with a different thesis… Continue reading something’s gotta give: five first dates

you forgot to love yourself in your own love language(s)

Do you ever feel like, while in bed and just before falling asleep, you're missing something? Not a task, nothing work related, but like something's missing at the very end of your day. One final love ya squeeze. Some self-affirmations. More time to think? Something... I feel this way many nights and yet each time… Continue reading you forgot to love yourself in your own love language(s)