stop saying my feelings are valid

"Whenever you're feeling down, just know that so many people have it worse than you." "Your feelings, no matter how big or small, are valid. All feelings are valid. Speak your truth." PHEW, am I right?!?!? Which IS IT? Can I care about my botched Starbucks order or not? How about I lost my job… Continue reading stop saying my feelings are valid

it’s time! ysn book update & survey open now

Cat's outta the bag. I'm slowly but surely writing a YSN book! In this post I want to walk you through my idea for this BABY of mine and share a very important part of my writer's journey: community feedback. As you all know (but I'll say it again for all the literary scouts reading… Continue reading it’s time! ysn book update & survey open now

what to do when you’re perceived as weak at work

It sucks when your mental illness colors how people see you. Believe me when I say You’re not your mental illness. Recently at work — since disclosing mental health problems, I might add— I feel as if I’ve been treated differently than before. It’s hard to know if this is intentional or not. I find… Continue reading what to do when you’re perceived as weak at work

but have you considered emotional distancing? the sister youtube video I have a coworker who says she gets disproportionately upset when cars drive in the wrong way in the parking lot. Through more than one set of windows, she has unfettered access to these disappointing behaviors. It's me. I'm that coworker. Okay, just kidding, BUT I often feel as she… Continue reading but have you considered emotional distancing?

Balancing self- and emotional-preservation while participating in the ongoing fight against racial injustice as a white person.

This is a post for those of us who are WHITE and know that is it imperative that we FIGHT against the anti-Black, anti-POC, racist SYSTEM, and simultaneously feel we have a barrier to fighting whether mental illness, trauma, emotional sensitivity.

A discussion on boundaries in new relationships “Being insecure and feeling ‘lonely’ is the ultimate recipe for self-destruction. You’ve got to teach yourself to feel secure in your solitude. Boredom is the ideal breeding ground for bad decisions.” - What a Time to Be Alone by Chidera Eggerue Seeking instant gratification and connection from new romantic relationships is one of these… Continue reading A discussion on boundaries in new relationships

reducing rumination – it’s not scary or difficult!

If you’re like me, when something really bothers you, you’ll ruminate on it for an unhealthy amount of time. You may even think to yourself “this isn’t normal.” This happens to me, too, and I’m working through refocusing my energy instead of ruminating with it.