it’s time! ysn book update & survey open now

Cat’s outta the bag. I’m slowly but surely writing a YSN book! In this post I want to walk you through my idea for this BABY of mine and share a very important part of my writer’s journey: community feedback.

As you all know (but I’ll say it again for all the literary scouts reading this), I’m a communication professional in my early 20s who runs a blog/YouTube channel/Instagram/brand on the side called youseemnormal (2019) with a small following of loyal subscribers. I share on topics about mental health and illness with a focus on depression and anxiety, anger and perfectionism.

In the book, I have five sections planned, two being the introduction and conclusion. The middle three sections are:

  1. learning, which is about treatment, such as meds, therapy and psychiatry
  2. healing, which is about certain divergences i have from “normal people,” such as anger and perfectionism problems, and
  3. existing, which is all about being in relationship, including self, others (friendship, family, dating, coworkers), creativity and work

I want the book to start and continue conversations, ask provocative questions, and allow space for me to share my story in one body of work.

In my writer’s journey, I’m prioritizing community. I’ve never done a youseemnormal survey before, but now feels like the perfect time. I have just enough of an idea of my book to test out my thoughts while being early enough in the process to make fairly significant changes.

So, with that being said, it would mean a ton to me if you could take about five minutes (very short! all questions optional!) to complete the first-ever ysn survey below. Thank you!

P.S. in case we haven’t met…

you seem normal is a mental health medium run by 24-year-old communication professional (hello!) who… well, seems normal.  Turns out, my roommate is mental illness. Actually more like my unborn, and non-conceived baby. Because it’s like, inside of me. This is getting weird already. Topics of focus: self-awareness (we love it), mood, anger management, perfectionism, relationships & boundaries.

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