healthy #mentalhealth habits at work *new job* *MY experience*

Today I wanted to share how I am establishing healthy habits EARLY at a new job and what these look like *FOR ME*.

I am frankly SCARED that my mental health is going to decline and then mess up me job so i’m really trying to be intentional in the first few weeks for MYSELF!

The healthy habits in this video:

1. thinking of myself as a professional, young professional, not an intern, not a student — referencing the imposter syndrome for the second video in a row 🙂
2. leaving all work at the office, and planning in advance my boundaries for work phone
3. setting boundaries at work (delegating)
4. going to sleep when i am tired (usually means quite early)
5. letting the other guy win on the road, talking through staying calm in my head when on the road
6. setting a loose start time, allows me to not stress on the road
7. taking time to do personal things like making doctor appts at work — when else?!?!!? 8. admitting when i need help or am straight up confused
9. staying in the moment is what allows me to not stress and getting things done; recognizing what my role is: communicating (i.e. i cannot be holed up in my office, that’s just not the job)

If you’re new here, you should know that I post new YouTube videos and new blog posts WEEKLY in 2020. I post daily over on my Instagram @youseemnormal. Chat with me here or there! (Me as Dr. Seuss)

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