but have you considered emotional distancing?

https://youtu.be/3HOrbQ_W9O0 the sister youtube video I have a coworker who says she gets disproportionately upset when cars drive in the wrong way in the parking lot. Through more than one set of windows, she has unfettered access to these disappointing behaviors. It's me. I'm that coworker. Okay, just kidding, BUT I often feel as she… Continue reading but have you considered emotional distancing?

FREE WORKSHEET DOWNLOAD! | Letting go of past-self comparison

past-self_comparison_worksheet-fillableDownload It's a fillable PDF so you can type right in it, or you can print it! _________ https://youtu.be/Yb4rrCaOIpc “I used to be so ____” | Letting go of our past selves | Past-self comparison Social comparison is just a thing.  Everybody does it.  And I think we’re told often to “not compare yourselves” and… Continue reading FREE WORKSHEET DOWNLOAD! | Letting go of past-self comparison