8 tips for improving an anxious day

Anxious days feel like the following for me: no motivation can’t do work don’t want to talk to anyone (pls don’t talk to me) do not feel capable of doing things “bored” body calm, tired overthinking instead of doing While I'm a proponent of the occasional Bad Days, I almost always try to improve my… Continue reading 8 tips for improving an anxious day

VLOG #2: treatment update, saying bye to therapist & imposter syndrome

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwzBfpsjwx4 On today's #mentalhealthSATURDAY, I answer: - what is UP - what is IMPOSTER SYNDROME - what's something i should look for when therapist shopping? - my job WORRIES – OCPD and anxiety related - who is the villain in the incredibles - job expectations - more worrying – yes i did start my worry… Continue reading VLOG #2: treatment update, saying bye to therapist & imposter syndrome

reducing rumination – it’s not scary or difficult!

If you’re like me, when something really bothers you, you’ll ruminate on it for an unhealthy amount of time. You may even think to yourself “this isn’t normal.” This happens to me, too, and I’m working through refocusing my energy instead of ruminating with it.